Defence Team News – May 8, 2017

♪ In this episode, we see how the Royal Canadian Navy is helping sailors eat healthier, we fly-by the Aero 150 air show where the Patrouille de France and Canadian Forces Snowbirds teams recently demonstrated their skills, and thank nurses across the Defence Team for their contributions to keeping us healthy.

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I’m Shelley Van Hoof.

And I’m Captain Shalako Smith.

Here’s what’s going on in Defence for the week of May 8th.

The Royal Canadian Navy hosted a “mystery box” cooking challenge on April 25th pitting Navy cooks, culinary students, and local Ottawa chefs against one another.

The head-to-head competition was designed to test and showcase the Navy’s brand-new combi-steam ovens.

These new, more energy efficient ovens use a healthier cooking method, eliminating the need for deep frying and charbroiling, which can create carcinogens in food.

Hosted at Naval Reserve Division HMCS Carleton, both teams had just three and a half hours to design and execute the delivery of a main course and an appetizer using the new oven.

Competitors were judged on technique, waste, organization, presentation, and taste by a panel of local food critics and cookbook authors.

Two new combi-steam ovens will be installed in the galleys of HMCS Calgary and HMCS Vancouver by the end of this summer.

Within three years, all 12 Halifax-class frigates and 12 Kingston-class maritime coastal defence vessels will have this healthier, safer cooking system.

The Patrouille de France air demonstration team recently performed at the Aero 150 air show in Gatineau, Quebec alongside the Canadian Forces Snowbirds air demo teams.

The groups performed a series of flybys over Parliament, and other sites in Ontario and Quebec.

We spoke to a member of the Snowbird team to find out more about this special visit.

It’s historic to have the Patrouille de France here in Canada, especially this year with the 100th anniversary of Vimy, Canada celebrating Canada 150, the sesquicentennial.

There’s a huge important and significant French culture here in this country and it is just magic to be with them this weekend.

It's a historic moment because we've never done it.

We work a lot with Canadian fighter pilots, the (Royal) Canadian Air Force, and Canadian Defence.

I was fortunate to fly regularly with Canadians, like all of the pilots in my team.

It's also a tremendous opportunity to be able to fly with this patrol, the Snowbirds, who are internationally recognized, who have the same values that we have, with whom we've had the chance to exchange over the last two days, and who are extraordinary.

Well, Shelley, it’s National Nursing Week, and we want to recognize the contributions of our military and civilian nurses for all their expertise and support to our communities and the health of the people who live in them.

Also, Bravo Zulu to the Royal Military College of Canada’s nine officer cadets who placed 9th out of 62 teams at West Point, New York’s annual Sandhurst Military Skills Competition.

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