– [Voice] Today's video will focus on how to be beautiful without makeup.

Some people do not like putting makeup morning or they simply do not have time so I'll just show you a few easy steps to be presentable before crossing the door.

In the morning, we are not the best our shape or our appearance and that is why we will change that.

So the first step is of course brushing teeth.

And when you brush your teeth, exfoliate your lips using your toothbrush and that's what I'm doing here, brush my lips to make sure all dry skin disappeared completely.

Then I will go exfoliate my skin.

On days when I do not like wearing makeup, I like to exfoliate my skin and make me my skin is beautiful, fresh and clean.

I like to use a brush like this and a very gentle exfoliation and I like to circulate and clean my face thoroughly.

After, you feel so clean.

The brush really helps to cleanse your skin.

Okay, now that we feel good and clean, I'll go a little exfoliate my lips because I naturally very dry skin So my lips tend to be very dry so I use a lip scrub here and make sure my lips are smooth and soft.

So here are probably the most important step.

You start by gently patting your face and even pinch your cheeks.

This is fundamental to circulate blood and bring some color to your skin.

Then you need to moisturize your lips with your favorite lip balm.

My two favorites are Aquaphor and Essential Oils.

Today I chose Essential Oils because it smells so good.

For the area under my eyes, I chose a lightening cream for eyes.

This instantly illuminates the area below my eyes, so I really like it.

Then, of course, you apply your favorite moisturizer.

If the product already contains sunscreen then you can not use sunscreen.

If not, then you must apply after your moisturizer.

And make the product into your skin.

This step is also very important, especially if you're not going to wear makeup.

Make sure you brush your eyebrows So pluck them if necessary and then after that, brush them up for a neat look.

Curl your lashes really change your look.

This instantly lifts your eyes so if you do not wear mascara, I suggest you curl them.

As you can see, it makes a huge difference.

I want to curl them twice because the first time the curls, and the second time, you ensure keep curly the rest of the day.

Of course, make sure your hair are brushed or your hair is fine and curly, according to the look you want.

I just cut my hair and I blow-dried last night So my hair was beautiful and smooth so I decided to paint it and let steep.

Here's another great tip for you guys.

Apply some Aquaphor on your lashes.

This will give a wet look to your lashes, which will give air you wear a little mascara.

I also like to apply Aquaphor on up my cheeks for a natural glow.

Since we do not apply illuminators, you must apply something shiny to give you a nice glow.

So after that, you're done.

You are beautiful, fresh, well presented and ready to go, but if you must use a product, this should be a bronzer.

So if you apply a little bronzer on your cheeks as you can see, I apply very little and I make sure that it is nice and well mixed.

I prefer to use a Kabuki brush and press it on top of my cheeks.

And I think a bit of bronzer adds a lot of color.

This is totally optional.

you can simply skip this step and to look presentable, but if you want to add some color to make sure you were in the sun, go ahead and do this.

Jewelry is also a nice touch, so I like to wear earrings, shake my hair, feel confident and through the door.

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Thank you a million times for watching and next week.



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