How To Make Yourself Go To Sleep Fast

Hey everyone, Dave here from Ten Minute Zen.


Sleep, sleep, sleep.

I can't fallasleep at night.

When I'm tired.

When I'm not tired.

Doesn't matter, I can't fall asleep.

So you lay there, look at the clock, get upsetbecause you have to get up in a few hours, you drink this, you read that, you flip aroundso your head is where your feet normally are and so on.


Nothing works.

But this will.

I'm going to show you a special breathingexercise that you can do, in bed, it's quiet, you won't wake anyone up, no one will evenknow you're doing it and you'll forget you're doing it because you'll fall asleep.

Here's how it goes.

When you breath in, you're going to make asound in your head.

When you breath out, you're going to make a different sound in your head.

Whether you breath from your nose or mouth or both makes no difference.

And the sounds you're going to make.

In yourhead, not out loud.


Uh-oh, is this some mystical stuff that'sway out there? Nope.

The sounds are actually white noise.

Whichis a constant noise that naturally relaxes human beings.

And it just so happens, thatin the English language, vowels create white noise.






So you can really use any vowel or any wordsor letters that drag out with a vowel at the end.

But we're going to use SAAAAA and OOOOOMin this video.

To start, we're going to use 3 focus breaths.

These are 3 breaths that are deeper than normal breaths, but not as deep as a deep breath.

Like this.

Then we're going to start a rhythem, whenwe breath in, in our mind, we'll say SAAAAA.

And when we breath out, in our mind, we'regoing to say OOOOOOmmm.

What's important here is the rhythem.

That it's consistant.






Should you do this for a certain length oftime or should you do this X number of times? Nope.

In fact, if you try to count while doingthis, you're going to lose track of the number pretty quickly.

You're simply going to keep doing this untilyou screw up, which means you're about to fall asleep because you're not really consciousanymore.

Or you'll fall asleep and won't even remember you were doing this.

Sorry if you were expecting someting morecomplex, but simple always works best.

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Sleep well.

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