James Middleton Tempted To Leak Kate Middleton’s Baby Girl News – “Fun” Uncle To Prince George?

James Middleton, Kate Middleton�s youngerbrother, has given an extremely rare interview to ABC News about his sister�s second pregnancyand being the �fun� uncle to baby Prince George.

James explained, �I still see Prince Georgeas my nephew.

I just want to be the best uncle possible.

Like any uncle wants to be, I want to be thecool uncle.

The fun uncle That�s what sort of I�llalways try and be.

� Hey there James, chill a minute, Prince George already has the mostfun uncle in the world, Prince Harry! Although James wouldn�t reveal the sex ofthe unborn royal baby, he did mention that Kate Middleton was on the mend from her boutwith Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

As we all know, the Duchess was temporarilyincapacitated for a few weeks due to acute morning sickness, which gave her a convenientexcuse to miss all her royal engagements and public appearances.

And now that she�s being forced to attendeverything on double overtime, of course the royals keep bleating that she�s better.

They�re not going to admit to being slavedrivers, are they? James concurred with the public consensuson Kate�s health, explaining, �She�s better.

I mean, it�s not unknown that she sufferedfrom this acute morning sickness.

Fortunately she is, I think, on the mend.

�Why �I think� there? Either she�s on the mend, or she isn�t.

Is he trying to tell us something? Or is it just a poor choice of words? Or are the royals playing mind games withus plebeians again? I can see why James Middleton was carefulabout mincing his words, especially in an outlet like GMA.

Kate�s pregnancy is a hot topic of discussionright now, especially in the wake of her friends leaking confirmation of baby girl Cambridge.

Kate Middleton will be having a baby girl,but unfortunately for the royal family, everybody already knows this now.

And of course James Middleton would have knownabout the leak, and of course he would have been tempted to reveal it.

Then again, the royals probably threatenedJames with all manner of public humiliation if he leaked anything they�re already nothuge fans of his family.

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