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Welcome to How To Cook That, I'm Ann Reardonand today we are making this beautiful summery watermelon cheesecake dessert.

even thoughit is not summer here in Australia.

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Now to make this dessert what we need to dofirst is to make the base.

So we are going to need some biscuits and some margarine anda little bit of green gel food colouring.

Take you biscuits and using a rolling pincrush them into fine crumbs.

I'll put all the recipe quantities on the howtocookthat.

Netwebsite and I'll link to that below for you.

If you have a food processor you can use thatfor this instead if you like.

Then take the margarine and melt it in themicrowave or on the stovetop then pour in the biscuit crumbs and give that a quick stir,then add in the food colouring.

And we want to stir that really well to incorporate thegreen colour all the way through and squash any big bits of biscuit chunks.

Then repeat that process, this time using red food colouring to make red crumbs.

Pour the red into a loose based cake tin or pie dish and use the back of a spoon to squashit flat all around the base there.

Now we need to make a bit of room for thegreen rind of the watermelon so run your knife around the edge to loosen a line of red andtake it out.

Then take a small handful of green and squeezeit together to make it clump together, and then squash that onto the side of the tin.

Continue to do that the whole way around thetin and then use your spoon again to flatten and smooth it around.

And then to make the top level just againuse the back of your spoon to push it down so it looks like an even watermelon rind.

For the white part we need cream cheese, itshould be the block cream cheese, sugar, milk, water, gelatin and cream.

Tip the gelatin into the water and stir it up and then leave that to absorb the water.

Whip the cream to make soft peaks and thenyou want to set that to one side.

Now we are going to beat the cream cheesewith electric mixers until it is smooth, and then add in the sugar.

All these ingredients should be at room temperatureso that when we add the gelatine in a minute it doesn't instantly set, we need time tobe able to pour it in.

Add in the milk.

and then heat the gelatin in the microwaveuntil it is melted.

And pour that into the cream cheese mixture and beat it quickly.

Add the whipped cream to the mixture and fold it through gently, this is just adding someair to the mixture so it's a little bit fluffy.

Add about a cup of that mixture into a bowland add some red gel food colouring to it and mix it through.

And then spread that out on the base, and this is going to seal the biscuit crumbs sothey don't become soft when we add the filling later on.

Now turn a bowl upside down in the centre and pipe your cheesecake mixture around theedge.

Now if you use a bigger bowl you'll have less white – which is more like on areal watermelon, but I wanted more cheesecake in mine so I've got a bit of a smaller bowland I'll make the white a bit thicker.

Then you want to place that in the fridge to set.

For the filling you need some yummy freshwatermelon, a packet of strawberry jelly or jello and some water.

Tip the jelly crystals into the water andstir it well and this is just cold water it's not heated up yet.

Then place the watermelon into a blender and blitz it to make juice.

Tip that through a fine sieve to get rid of any little seeds, I think we've got a coupleaccidentally in there, and the coarse bits of pulp because we want our jelly to end upsmooth and clear.

Heat the jelly mixture until the sugar andthe gelatine are melted , you don't want any sugar crystals left you want it nice and smoothin your mouth.

Then pour that into the watermelon juice andmix it up.

This really has a great fresh watermelon flavour to this jelly.

Now that the cheesecake mixture is set, run a knife around the edge of the bowl, and thenwiggle it to loosen it and then carefully lift it up, I'll just use a fork to get thatup and out of the centre of the dessert.

And then use your knife to spread the cheesecakemixture over any gaps just to seal that so we don't get the jelly going through.

Then pour the watermelon jelly into the middle just until it's at the same level as the cheesecake.

And then use the back of a spoon to pop any bubbles and then you want to put that in thefridge to set.

For the watermelon seeds or pips place somechocolate into a bowl and melt it in the microwave.

And then pour that into a piping bag and cutoff just the very tip, if you don't have a piping bag.

When you are melting chocolate in the microwave just do 30 second stir, 20 second stir andthen bursts of 10 seconds until it's completely melted.

We don't need to temper it for thesepips.

Cut off just the very tip of the piping bagand if you don't have a piping bag you can use just a plastic bag for this.

Pipe a dot then drag it slightly to one sideto make the shape of the pips.

So just make a dot and drag it to one side.

Then give thepaper a little shake to smooth off the top.

And let them set in the fridge.

To get the dessert out of the tin place aglass underneath and push down so the sides just slide off the tin.

Remove the base andplace it onto a cutting board.

And then pull out the paper out from underneath, becausewe don't want to eat that.

Take some green food colouring and paint somecrooked lines up around the edge of the cheesecake so that it looks like watermelon skin does.

It's not all the one colour, it changes as it goes around.

Then using tweezers carefully add the chocolatewatermelon pips into place in two rows around the outside.

Then cut that into wedges and serve it cold.

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